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Transforming Perioperative Care and Improving Surgical Outcomes

Through Innovative Research


Research Mission

HPPL-UCL is the Human Physiology and Performance Laboratory. We are based in the Centre of Perioperative Medicine within the Division of Surgery and Interventional Science at University College London.


Our main area of research focuses on how physical fitness impacts upon the likelihood of development of complications after major surgery. We work closely with our clinical colleagues in surgery, anaesthetics and critical care at University College London Hospitals to examine interventions that might improve outcomes after major surgery.

HPPL focuses on trying to understand why complications develop after surgery by focusing on physiology or how the body responds to stress. We aim to use the research we do into the mechanisms underlying the development of complications to develop ways of identification of teh at-risk patient as well as therapies and treatments to reduce their risk.

Relevant Research

Mitochondrial function is impaired in the skeletal muscle of pre-frail elderly.

Andreux et al., 2018 highlights mitochondrial impairment in the elderly is a key marker of pre-frailty and alludes to the deterioration of normal skeletal muscle function. A key finding from this study was compared to active individuals, the pre-frail population saw significant reduced phosphocreatine recovery.

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