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CPET Database

A CPET test collects a substantial amount of information on how the cardiovascular, respiratory, metabolic and muscular system responses to maximal exercise. There is evidence to suggest a persons VO2 peak, Anaerobic Threshold, and Ventilatory Equivalence for CO2 are aligned with morbidity and mortality, especially post-surgery. The CPET team are interested in maximising CPETs potential to use other variables collected during the test to help predict outcomes for surgical patients. 


We use the data we collect from CPET tests to conduct various research projects:

-The associations between Heart Rate Recovery and Cardiovascular Disease.

-The relationship between Metabolic Flexibility and Morbidity post-surgery.

-How body composition can be a predictor of CPET variables and post-surgical outcomes.

-The effectiveness of prehabilitation programmes on fitness.

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