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Heart Rate Recovery Assessed by Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing with Cardiovascular Disease

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Amy Dewar, a clinical exercise physiologist at University College London Hospital and current MSc student in Perioperative Medicine at UCL, has been published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

Amy, along with other members of HPPLs research group, Nick Tetlow, have joined up with the School of Life and Medical Sciences at the University of Hertfordshire to publish a paper on Heart Rate Recovery (HRR).

Amy's interest in Heart Rate Recovery during exercise was explored during her BSc in Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Hertfordshire. The idea of the review came from recovery derived parameters being underutilised in clinical settings.

The review focuses on HRR after a maximal exercise test in patients with cardiovascular disease, and to investigate if HRR has prognostic value. HRR as a prognostic tool had been highlighted in 1999 and this has been back up with recent literature, with links between HRR and cardiovascular mortality and all-cause mortality in patients with cardiovascular disease and heart failure. The perioperative period, HRR can support the risk assessments of patients.

Recovery variables are underused, despite their simple nature, in clinical settings. Moreover, HRR is malleable, prehabilitation can help improve autonomic function.

Amy comments "There's more information beyond traditional CPET variables (Anaerobic Threshold, VO2 peak, and ventilatory equivalence for CO2) we collect to better understand patients physiology and risk, that is potentially overlooked at present"

We are all really proud of Amy's hard work and if you are interested in reading the full review please click the link below



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