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Devices and Investigations

Indirect Calorimetry (QNRG)

The COSMED Q-NRG measures key metabolic indicators via indirect calorimetry. The device timely measures patients Resting Energy Expenditure (REE) and substrate (fat/carbohydrate/protein)usage. This can then be used by clinicians to create nutrtional support for patients undergoing surgery. 


Non-Invasive Cardiac Output (PhysioFlow)

The PhysioFlow measures cardiac output and other key cardiac parameters, like systemic vascular resistance, non-invasively.  We can use this to understanding limitations to the cardiovascular system during exercise. 


Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (Inbody)

Inbody uses bioelectrical imdependence to analyse body composition, calaculated via body water. This equipment calculates Fat Free Mass and Skeletal Muscle Index, which can be used to highlight individuals who are sarcopenic or high risk of comorbidies realting to body weight. This information can be used to create prehabilitation programmes. 

Muscle Ultrasound (Philips Lumify)


Philips' Lumify uses ultrasound for our clinicians to see high quality images of people's muscle quality. Pre-operative and post-operative ultrasound imaging allows us to see the affect of major surgery on muscle quality and health. 


Near Infrared Spectroscopy (TrainRed)

TrainRed's Near Infrared Spectroscopy technology measures muscle tissue oxygenation. It provides easy analysis of the working muscles state during exercise tests and post-surgery. 

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