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POM-MP (Perioperative Medicine- Metabolic Profiling) is a study we are carrying out at UCL that aims to help us understand more about why physical fitness is related to the risk of developing complications after major surgery.  We will be looking at how fitness assessed by exercise testing & body composition relate to the body’s response to trauma caused by major surgery.  We are undertaking this study as we hope that the information we learn from it will help us personalize the therapies and treatments that give to patients around surgery (such as exercise and nutrition) in order to reduce the risk of developing complications.

Peri-Operative Medicine - Metabolic Profiling Study



Two hundred fifty million surgeries are carried out each year worldwide. Significant proportion of these surgeries are performed on “high risk” participants deemed to developed postoperative complications or even die from surgery. 

Study Design

The Study will recruit high-risk participants undergoing major abdominal and upper gastrointestinal surgery or primary lower extremity joint arthroplasty.


Each participant will progress through this illustrated pathway:

Data Analysis

Data analysis will be to determine the ability of combined preoperative measurements of peak oxygen consumption (VO2), ultrasound-derived percentage of intramuscular adipose tissue (%iMAT) and maximum mitochondrial respiratory capacity (MRC) to predict the outcome measured using Postoperative Morbidity Survey (POMS).

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